I said America’s in trouble on election night 2008 because I knew about Barack Obama’s past when a majority of the electorate didn’t; I reiterated that point once more on election night 2012.  America has never had a more divisive President than it currently has.  Media personality Glenn Beck made the claim on one of his radio broadcasts that the Obama administration would go down in history as the most corrupt administration the United States has ever known – it would appear that proclamation is being fulfilled.

Instead of jubilance and celebration being heralded from the White House that America elected its first African American President, there’s detachment, fracturing, and division being promoted, and hostility being exalted.

The new political ploy of the day seems to be labeling someone a racist for unmitigated gain.  Instead of rising above such pettiness, many wanna wallow in that mudslinging trough called degradation.  I must say it’s the lowest form of self-indulgent glee, a loathing over character assassination of others, that a politician can partake.

When did it become acceptable for politicians to lie without consequence?  What kind of society do we live in where corruption and scandal go unabated?  Where’s that dividing line between a dedicated leader and a self-fulfilling politician who is climbing that peak of self-indulgence?  When did it become more important to win at all costs and forgo integrity?  When did the citizens of America become nothing more than statistics in a poll, a survey, or ticks on a bar chart?  How far have we slid that those able to make a difference have allowed “God” to become a four-letter word?  Why have we let our sense of discernment wane and allowed a foreign ideology to take hold and have charter?  The world’s watching and that shining light on the hill, America, is becoming a flickering flame doused by politicians who have little concern for a country, or the principles passed down by generations.

I’m indeed concerned by what I see transfixing the thoughts of politicians these days.  Integrity seems to be secondary and a win at all costs mentality has plagued many of them.  Ronald Reagan once claimed government’s the problem, not the solution.

I’ve always said, “Prosperity breeds Complacency” and that creed is no doubt true.  But prosperity is waning for many, and complacency is being replaced by concern or outrage.  93 million Americans are out of work, and one need not look far to see what their foremost concerns are.  But instead of trying to sympathize and rationalize the struggle and difficulty each one of those precious souls are enduring, we hear petty and trifle squabbling from the nation’s capital to the point it’s becoming nauseous and an abomination.

Be it prophetic or not, I claimed early on union members would turn on the Democrat party.  That’s happening at present with the union wanting to land that contract for the Keystone pipeline.  Obama’s indecisiveness on that pipeline has angered union leaders and they have told their constituents to vote against Democratic Congressmen who oppose the pipeline.

I also claimed Barack Obama’s presidency would lack achievement.  That also is coming to be for his most significant achievement has been that legislation called Obamacare.

I said the young would turn on the President too; those who were swept up in those grandiose claims of “Hope and Change.”  Many from that group are finding they’re plagued with massive debt and no real prospects for meaningful employment after the celebration of graduation has worn off.

I also said blacks would turn on Barack Obama as well.  Some prominent conservative African Americans have voiced their opposition to the President and the strong arm of government bureaucracy has come knocking at their door for such treachery.

The tides are arising in America and sentiments are a stir.  Polls show a growing unrest among Americans, and they blame politicians.

When did politicians stop being public servants?  The word “Servant” needs no explanation.  There’s no denying America’s system of government has become broken and corrupt.  For change to occur the people will have to take a stand and say “Enough.”  For someone to arise and redeem dignity, that saving grace labeled the American way, from the stagnation of politics would surely be miraculous indeed.

Greg Allen’s column, Thinkin’ Out Loud, was published bi-monthly from 2009 to 2017.  He’s an author, a former nationally syndicated columnist and the founder of Builder of the Spirit Ministries in Jamestown, Indiana.  He can be reached at www.builderofthespirit.org.

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