Yes, Virginia, There Is A Christ In Christmas

Christmas isn’t about mistletoe, roasting chestnuts, or some fat guy sliding down the chimney.  It's more like “Peace on earth; goodwill toward man.”  It’s the birth of Christ. Yet it's not appropriate to say Merry Christmas because you might offend someone, so it's best to say: “Happy Holidays.”  It's not Kosher to display a nativity scene in public anymore.  Someone may be offended, so it's best not to display one at all.  And it’s surely not right to mention the name Jesus because somebody might not like it. Well, we put up Christmas lights every year and as I was putting them up that phrase “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” kept coming to mind.  I've heard the phrase many times, but never actually read the article that...

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Taunting Us With Delusional Themes

In a recent Democratic presidential debate, Hillary Clinton said: “The United States isn’t at war with radical Islam.” Hillary’s competitor, Bernie Sanders, claimed climate change poses a greater threat than terrorism ever will. They’re taunting us with some delusional themes. France has been hit by terrorist attacks twice in 2015.  Earlier in the year, employees of a magazine were slaughtered because they made light of the Prophet Mohammed in a cartoon.  In November, Paris was struck by another terrorist attack and many innocent people were killed. But ... those orchestrated acts of violence with a religious theme don’t really seem to resonate in the minds of some influential people. Ironically, an expert in foreign affairs recently said...

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It’s Time For Anti-Political Correctness Legislation

Freedom of speech can be an invigorating thing.  Being able to speak one’s mind can be liberating, but in certain countries of the world what you say will go against you and you may be hauled off and never seen again.  The United States Constitution gives us the right to speak our mind, express ourselves, and as the founding fathers put it it’s a certain right given by the Creator. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” However, in recent years there’s been a movement set adrift in the current of society...

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Society’s Loss Of Respect

Not long ago, I had a lengthy conversation with a state trooper.  He was eating lunch with my wife and I and he had some interesting things to say. In spite of my clever efforts to reveal his name he chose not to divulge it, nor did he want to go on the record or be quoted - He jokingly reiterated that several times. For some time, I’ve been longing to write about the lack of respect plaguing our nation and the good trooper was an inspirational springboard. The 34-year-old trooper, an 11-year veteran, said he’s seen a shift in our culture during his career.  He said respect in society has dwindled dramatically. At a death scene, the trooper said traffic was blocked and body bags were used to cover the dead lying on the road.  Much to his...

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Old Habits Entertain Reciprocal Thoughts

I’ve been fortunate to have seen many things and done far more in life.  We all have talents, if we dare peer within.  Of the many attributes that I lay hold, I’m proud to say I’m a songwriter - a lyricist.  Life’s precious indeed, yet, how boring it would be without music.  Who doesn’t like a good tune anyway? Although I can’t compose the music to a song, I am intrigued by all the facets that make up a great tune.  However, lyrics are an ever glow and a shooting star for me.  Although some songs are instrumentals, with no words, others have a tendency to have diminished meaning with their lyrics.  Lyrics are a staple for me, and we too often brush their meaning aside. I care for many genres of music, Big Band, Country and Rock, but I...

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Fundamentally Transforming America

The President of the United States entertained a foreign dignitary from Vietnam in the White House some time back.  While doing so, the camera lenses were clicking when Mr. Obama began speaking about the former communist dictator of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh.  The President spoke of a letter Minh wrote to Harry Truman.  Then Mr. Obama went on to compare the former Vietnam Marxist, who had over half-a-million Vietnamese murdered to gain power, to Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers of America. I’m sure most of the relatives of the 60,000 Americans who gave their lives in the Vietnam War wouldn’t quite agree with Barack Obama’s comparison. Some may call the President’s gestures a slip of the tongue or a few gracious drops of dignitary...

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What’s Reality Anyway?

I had the opportunity to watch some dated video clips the other day.  In them were several individuals testifying before Congress about how they were targeted by the IRS.  Their stories were reflective of how abusive an arm of government can be. I was struck by the testimony of a lady who represented a tea party group.  The gist of her opening statement was: “I’m not here to grovel at the feet of my Lords.  I’m a citizen of the United States testifying before my fellow citizens, yet it appears Congress has lost its way.” It was chilling to hear her say: “I’m not here to grovel at the feet of my Lords.” The Obama administration has been embroiled in controversy and numerous scandals.  It seems like there’s a new scandal being exposed all...

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Cultural Jihadists

A relative of mine called the other day to say she’s been noticing something about one of her favorite television programs.  She said: “It’s quite obvious the producers of that reality show are pushing an agenda.”  She went on to say she’s come to the conclusion that those in charge aren’t all that interested in entertainment, but more motivated in pushing an agenda that makes Christians look like kooks and homosexuals as mainstream.  She added it was like a lightbulb that went off in her head and she’s vowed to never watch that show again. Another relative of mine recently told me she subscribes to three magazines and two of the three are pushing a gay and lesbian agenda in the content they print on a monthly basis.  She said she came to...

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Defining Human Nature & America’s Political Parties

The President’s an elegant speaker some say, but many see animosity flowing through his veins.  Animosity being defined as: “A feeling of ill will that tends to display itself in actions.”  Read that definition again and look past the color of Barack Obama’s skin, the political plaque he wears, or the title he bears, and analyze the mannerisms on display of America’s leader. I’m a study of human nature, body language, thought and speech.  I don’t claim to be a psychologist by any means, but I do have an uncanny ability to size someone up in short order and am usually spot on. Politics in America is no longer one of sportsmanship in the arena of ideas; it’s become a blood sport, a cage match with no holds barred and rules don’t apply. So...

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Donald Trump – An Anti-Establishment Phenom

Barack Obama recently visited Africa and the Prime Minister of Kenya told him: “Don’t preach to us about homosexuality - we don’t want to hear it.”  With that said, the President took the opportunity to bash Mike Huckabee for his statement referring to the Holocaust and Obama’s policies concerning Iran.  Mr. Obama also went on to trash Donald Trump as well.  When the President of the United States visits another country as a foreign dignitary it’s not too dignified to play politics and thrash the character of individuals in an opposing party when you should be a diplomat and lay those things aside for another day. While in Africa, Barack Obama also said: “I think I’ve been a pretty good president.”  A majority of Americans would probably...

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