I’m honored, yet humbled, to have a platform such as this – I can articulate what’s murmuring about in my thoughts and people read it.  My fan base is growing, numbering in the thousands, for my column appears in many newspapers and on-line.

One of my biggest fans recently passed away, she was over 100 years old.  She had a few stories she could tell herself.  She claimed I’m an intelligent man and some of the things I write are quite deep.  I consider that a compliment coming from someone who saw and did so much.

To envision her reading my column in that assisted living home was humbling.  Her body may have been failing, but her mind wasn’t.  To stir someone’s thoughts, give em’ a chuckle, or make their day is worth it all; it’s worth the time, grasping for just the right title, groping for that word, or agonizing over the structure of a given piece.  It’s more than worth the time spent from the standpoint it gives pleasure to a soul.  (Because of people like her I shall pen those thoughts)

A good friend, an old high school buddy, sent me an e-mail the other day; I was taken aback by it.  He said the world needs to hear what I have to say, to never quit verbalizing what flows from my soul.  (Because of friends like him I shall)

Numerous times I’ve heard people say: “Some of the stuff you write is pretty deep.”  Or I’ve heard people say: “You think too much!”  I’ve been told a time or two I analyze everything.  I even had an employer once write on my evaluation I had an analytical mind.

The fledgling thoughts for this piece were flushed into existence when I brought something up to another when I said: “I was thinking.”  Their swift reply was: “Uh-oh!”

It’s a writer’s vocation to notice human behavior, the little things others overlook, I’m no different, and sometime back I saw a couple ladies discussing something.  As I passed by, I noticed one of the gals was wearing an unusual necklace.  As I went past, I said: “That necklace is a conversation piece.” Her response was: “Huh?”

I thought she was wearing a piece of fashioned art, but in reality, it was something far less.

When I asked her if it was a piece of art she replied: “Huh … No!”  I tried to stimulate the conversation a bit further by asking where she got it.  With a puzzled look on her face, she replied: “JC Penney’s.”

I envisioned in my mind a couple standing before a masterpiece in one of those world-renowned art galleries discussing the finer points of the master’s stroke, but then I snapped out of my daydream induced trance.

When I said, “Was it expensive?” she replied: “Twenty bucks … Why you askin’?”

I said I was trying to strike up some conversation because I love art and thought that piece she wore was.

She began to wear that necklace more, showing it off and asking others what they thought of it.  I told her the premise of all that would make a good piece.  (Because of fellow employees like her I shall pen my thoughts to bless others)

I am what I am and make no apologies for the thoughts which swirl within me on a constant basis.  I never thought I’d be a writer, but I am.  Not all who read my pieces are fans.  A few have hated what I wrote.  I think they read what I say out of curiosity.

I once wrote a piece about Sarah Palin that stirred the wrath of a few around the country.  I, in-turn, got a few e-mails and phone calls from those individuals enraged by the piece.  Who knows why they’re so angry?  They just are!

There are deep thinkers and shallow ones.  I’d venture to say shallow individuals lack reason for any depth of thought held, all, self-induced attitude.  We can strive for a fathomless depth of thought, realizing thought’s never ending, or we can be as a shallow mud puddle.  (Be it, I’ll pass by the simplistic)

Greg Allen’s column, Thinkin’ Out Loud, was published bi-monthly from 2009 to 2017.  He’s an author, a former nationally syndicated columnist and the founder of Builder of the Spirit Ministries in Jamestown, Indiana.  He can be reached at www.builderofthespirit.org.

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