That lost thought of “Thanks!”

I'm convinced you can never say Thanks enough, because people wanna know they're appreciated - it's in our DNA.  Yet it seems that with the busyness of life the thought’s lost its polish, slipping our minds into the abyss. I think it's a character flaw when someone never says thanks for anything, but there are people like that.  For some it's never enough, never will be, that's flawed thought.  They don't appreciate anything but self - they are what they are.  The best advice I could give would be to pay attention more to the individuals and circumstances that encapsulate your life. It's been said the first Thanksgiving feast was when the British colonists, we call them Pilgrims, celebrated days of Thanksgiving as part of their religion. ...

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Some Presidential Word Association

I’ve been fortunate to have lived in a free society all my life.  I’m somewhat of a history buff and have lived through the implemented policies of several presidents, but I’ve never heard of an administration being referred to as a “Regime” by so many. The word “Regime” no doubt conjures up negative anecdotal thoughts for many.  For me, the word relates to thoughts of imperialism, totalitarian rule, and a disdain for liberty. Many of the political pundits have been saying the last election cycle was a historical sweep for the Republican Party.  A few of those pundits have been saying the seats held by Republicans across the country now rival the same figures as the 1940’s, or as far back as the roaring 20’s. The roaring 20s were a...

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What To Expect After Election Night

Former first lady Hillary Clinton, a proverbial Democrat contender for the 2016 presidential race, recently said in a speech that businesses don’t create jobs.  She also said trickle-down economics has been tried and it’s failed miserably - she was lambasting Ronald Reagan’s policies that succeeded. Hillary is a big government Democrat, that’s obvious, who believes in the sanctimonious power of a bureaucrat in control of the lives of others. The unfortunate part is several in the audience actually applauded in support of her tutorial. In reality, the concept she talks about is delusional. I was a small business owner who built a million-dollar business from nothing.  At one time, we had many employees - I created jobs.  The government had...

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A Tool In The Hands Of A Drunk

Recently, while surfing the Internet, I saw a CNN interview of Mike Rowe.  He’s an actor and reality series host.  He characterizes a normal Joe blow who wears a T-shirt and jeans, adorning a worn-out baseball cap, on those infamous Ford commercials.  When asked if he ever considered running for Congress his reply was: “I prefer doing something that you can get the dirt off at the end of the day.  I’ll never say never, but if there isn't term limits I doubt it.” Later that day, I had a conversation about finance with a young man in his 20s, and I believe I learned far more than he ever did from our discussion.  He said he had some medical bills and had made some poor decisions.  When he told me he was contemplating filing bankruptcy I...

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Allowing The Seeds Of Self-Destruction To Grow

I’ve heard a well-known radio personality often claim liberalism is destructive. Those who push for censorship, punishment of others holding opinions contrary to them often boast of their platform of tolerance when in reality it’s an intolerance of opposing views.  It’s reflective in the Duck Dynasty saga, the Chick-Fil-A uproar, the censorship of Christian views in public schools, the assault on the NFL and a host of other examples. Is persecution really anything new? If you give it some thought, liberalism is about control.  Those who adhere to those tendencies package it in clever ways like Political Correctness, caring for the less fortunate, or compassion for the planet. I appreciate the time my readers take to contemplate my...

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Amidst The Reality Of Today’s Economy

The wife and I took a Sunday drive in mid-August.  We had planned on going to a festival in Shelbyville, IN. that weekend. That Festival was a shell of what it once was.  Three or four food vendors, one center stage with a few rusted metal chairs, and eight or nine vendors selling their wares on the streets, comprised the event. The reality of today’s economy was on full display in that town.  The chairs in the barbershop were long gone and the plaster was falling off the walls.  The candy shop across the street was long gone as well.  The plate glass was dingy from the neglect of vacancy. The fountain in the downtown square had water flowing, but it was in dire need of TLC.  In a two-block radius were four banks that seemed to thrive - I...

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A Product Of The Soft Bigotry Of Low Expectations

With the news of riots in the suburbs of St. Louis and the suicide of comedic actor Robin Williams, it gave me pause to reflect upon a trend. A black teenage boy was shot and killed by a police officer in Missouri and property damage with looting occurred.  Storefront windows were broken out by those rioters who found it a privilege to steal and burn businesses to the ground.  We were later told that many who were arrested weren’t even from that community and had criminal records. I was a fan of Robin Williams; he was a wonderful talent, but troubled.  He had it all, but he felt like he had nothing.  He could make others laugh, but he was miserable inside.  I’ve been told life’s a perception, it’s what you make of it, and I’m sure there’s...

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Moral Decay

It troubles me to see the moral decay spreading across our land.  I once read the book “Prayers of Our Presidents” by Jerry MacGregor and Marie Prys.  America was founded by those who believed in Christian principles, by those who had a belief and faith in God. 79% of Americans claim to be Christians, but we aren’t fighting that good fight. President Gerald Ford once said, “A government big enough to give us everything we want is a government big enough to take from us everything we have.” Barack Obama once said, “America isn’t a Christian nation.” If we aren’t, what nation is? We must fight the good fight, stand up for what’s right, and do what’s decent no matter what. I’m alarmed by what’s occurring in the national and state capitals. ...

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An Orchestrated Invasion Of The Homeland

My Mother hits the pristine age of 80 this year.  She’s always been one who likes to write letters and share her thoughts with others.  One of her hobbies is decorating stationary and she’s won awards for that. She’s had pen-pals for as long as I can remember and still has some.  One of those pen-pals she corresponds with lives in Texas.  That particular pen-pal, a lady, lives close to the southern border of the Lone Star State.  In a recent letter she wrote to my mom, she spoke of the fear she had for her family and friends.  The catalyst of that fear is the invasion of thousands of illegals coming across the border into her neighborhood and surrounding towns. She said her family, relatives, and friends live in constant fear for their...

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America’s Not The Problem, Mr. President

I proclaimed: “America’s in trouble,” to my audience, after the 2008 election and then again in November of 2012, because I knew what Barack Obama stood for. Many in the media claimed they knew nothing about the man, but that it was a historical event that America elected its first African American President. I ascertain it was journalism malpractice for the evidence existed pertaining to Barack Obama’s background, what he believed and who he associated with. It’s no coincidence he attended a church in Chicago, for some 20 years, that its Pastor often said: “God, damn America!” When Barack Obama was campaigning for the presidency, he said he never remembered his pastor saying anything like that when there was audiotape of that statement...

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