We The People

“We The People” have spoken in resounding fashion. Many thought, socialism wouldn’t dare avail itself upon this great land, but it has. Few thought, Rome capable of atrocities, or world domination, but they were.  They may have been one of the first to place capital punishment on display.  Those in opposition to Caesar were considered dissidents, opposition.  Jesus wasn't the only one crucified.  Rome carried out thousands of crucifixions,...

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An American Definition

What’s America really all about? If you’ve been watching the news, a certain faction of society would like to make you think the United States is an oppressive country founded on the backs of slave labor.  They are people who think it’s their right to destroy public property by tearing down historical statues of Civil War Generals.  They suggest George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, both slaveowners, should have their monuments and names...

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A Cry in The Wilderness

The news headlines of late have been downright scary.  The dictator of North Korea has threatened to destroy the island of Guam.  North Korea has nuclear weapons, and it was recently learned they have miniaturization technology for those nukes. That means they can be MIRVed.  MIRV stands for “Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle.”  In other words, it’s a missile that carries several nuclear warheads, each of which can be directed...

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Refining The Art of Articulate Thought

I'm honored, yet humbled, to have a platform such as this - I can articulate what’s murmuring about in my thoughts and people read it.  My fan base is growing, numbering in the thousands, for my column appears in many newspapers and on-line. One of my biggest fans recently passed away, she was over 100 years old.  She had a few stories she could tell herself.  She claimed I'm an intelligent man and some of the things I write are quite deep.  I...

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Why Is God Such a Threat

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe there's a God, but a few don't.  Why?  It would seem their logic is consumed by the notion of self, and anything contrary to that is but a threat. Gallup has been conducting a poll asking if Americans believe there’s a God for quite some time.  In 1944, 96% of the population believed in a divine being.  In 1947, it was 94%.  In the 50s and 60s, it got as high as 98%.  Today, it’s at 93%. That...

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The Bull in The China Shop Syndrome

I must admit this was an intriguing piece, one that took on a life of its own. I unknowingly criticized another's work one day, and soon after a coworker pointed out the error of my ways.  After giving that some thought, I said he was right and apologized to the one I offended.  He blew it off, but though I wasn't the one who made the mistake I was wrong for having magnified it. My mind reeled after that, and over the course of a month or so I...

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Murderous Discourse

There’s an annual event held in Washington, ever since 1909, called the Congressional Baseball Game.  Proceeds from the event are donated to charity and the players are members of Congress.  There’s a team of Republicans and their opponents are Democrats. For years, members of those teams have practiced in Alexandria, Virginia at a residential ball diamond next to the YMCA.  The public has always been welcome to watch Congressmen and Senators...

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Carnage Of a Throwaway Society

President Lyndon Baines Johnson initiated subsidies to eradicate poverty and social injustice in 1964 that were labeled “The Great Society.”  Instead of being a blessing they actually have been a curse for those who’ve come in contact with them.  The fatherless rate in Afro-American families has skyrocketed.  Some scholars claim many black mothers are married to the government. Studies have found that the poverty rate, since 1964, has virtually...

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Not A Quitter

Whoever said, “Life’s a bowl of cherries” was either jokin’ or crazy - maybe both. I remember an old guy I used to see around town who'd say, “Piece of cake,” every time I asked him how it was goin.’  To be honest, he always had the persona he'd just lost his best friend or the dog bit him the day before.  He was a grump for sure, but at least he spoke when spoken to.  I'd whisper something like, “Yeah Right!” when he’d say that.  He’d often...

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Political Correctness Equates to the Theft of a Voice

With the aid of Facebook, I found a couple high school buddies I hadn’t spoken to in some 30 years.  We were able to meet up and reminisce about old times.  Both were surprised to learn I became a syndicated columnist.  Brian suggested I write a piece about Political Correctness, and I'll expand on that. At times in the morning, I'll pay a visit to the local Mom and Pop Mini-Mart down the road.  The owner’s a jovial fella who I’ll bounce ideas...

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