Trusted Endorsements & Reviews

“Dear Mr. Allen,
Thank you for the generous book, Builder of the Spirit. I was very much honored to receive it.”

Scott Walker
Governor of Wisconsin – (3/18/15)

“Keep up the great work, Greg. You are a gifted writer.”

Brian Banashak
Axiom, Evergreen, Gazelle and Rev Press – (1/28/15)

“I read your book War of the Heart and after I got into it I couldn’t put it down.”

Ed Hewitt
Founder Hewitt Molding Kokomo, Indiana – (4/24/12)

I finished reading War of the Heart yesterday.  I really enjoyed the book.  I have always been captivated with movies/stories/video games that show the relationships of people in those situations.  Shows like MASH and the Call Of Duty game pull me in and take hold. I especially liked how Jonathan was rewarded for his faithfulness.”

Frank D Jonez
Greenwood, Indiana – (4/13/09)

“I highly recommend the book War of the Heart.  I thought it was a good story and well done!”

John Laxton ~ World War II Veteran
PFC / Rifleman / U.S. Army
G company – 2nd Battalion
134th Regiment – 35th Infantry Division
October 1944 – August 1945

“War of the Heart is a great novel. I couldn’t put it down! It was factual, and bought back a lot of memories. I love the way the power of prayer was illustrated. It showed me that anyone can overcome hard times with prayer and perseverance. I served with many guys who didn’t care about God, but when bombs were falling on us, though, those same men would be among the first with their prayers to saved.”

Gene Bossard
Korean War Veteran
Staff Sgt. / F86 Crew Chief / U.S. Air Force
4th Fighter – Interceptor Wing
May 1948 – May 1952

“Thank you for your wonderful book Builder of the Spirit, and the work you are doing to inspire the men and women of God’s kingdom to be more responsible citizens. I will enjoy reading the truths found within the pages of your book. Truly, we all should be about the things that God intends for us to do. May He who holds our future in the palm of His hands, bless and keep you now and forever.”

Sincerely Roy S. Moore
Former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court
President, Foundation for Moral law – (1/17/09)

“We met a few years ago while you were signing books at the Comfort Zone Coffeehouse in Plainfield, Indiana. You may recall giving me a copy of Builder of the Spirit with a bent cover early in the morning. Things have changed quite a bit with me since then. At the time I was a strict fundamentalist. Eventually I reached the point I quit growing and moved in a new direction. But, now I am involved in a full-gospel Church. I have finished a semi-complete version of a book inspired by that sudden leap of spiritual growth. I mean to be a help and a comfort to those who wish to grow to a larger understanding of the Lord.

Last, and most important, thank you for following the Lord and ministering to others. It really does make a lasting impression even in cases like mine in which the seed takes several years to grow!

When I first read Builder of the Spirit there was much that I was not ready to accept. But since you chronicled the things the Lord did in your life rather than the things you did, your book revealed the undeniable truth that God still speaks to those who are willing to listen. It saddens me greatly that there are people who love the Lord but yet aren’t willing to believe that He speaks, and therefore won’t listen – just like me only a short time ago.”

David K. Anderson
Brazil, Indiana – (2/4/08)

“I just finished reading your book, Builder of the Spirit. I laughed and cried at the same time as I read each chapter.”

Bishop Edwin Osera
Abundant Life Crusades
Mumias, East Africa – (9/22/05)

“Dear Mr. Allen,

“Thank you for sending me an autographed copy of Builder of the Spirit. It will remain on my bedside reading table until I have an opportunity to read every word!”

Paul Harvey
Radio Personality
Chicago, Illinois – (8/22/05)

“I read Builder of the Spirit through on my afternoon off. I couldn’t put it down! Your book showed me that we need to forgive, no matter what! I want to thank you for opening my eyes more to what God has to offer.”

2nd LT Kevin Wagner
1-293rd Infantry
Bravo company (Fist)
United States Army – (5/23/03)

“Thank you very much for Builder of the Spirit that you sent to me, now that most Africans are getting blessed with that book. It’s so helpful in my family and I am sharing the ideas to my friends too. God bless you so much and I was so challenged by the way you listen to God and do what he tells you. I believe I will be like that too if my fellowship gets deeper with the Lord.”

James Murungweni
A citizen of Zimbabwe, Africa – (4/15/03)

“I appreciate your aspirations for Builder of the Spirit and wish you all success with this publishing venture. Your message is timely and I hope that it will have the reception with the reading public which it deserves.”

D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.
Senior Minister ~ Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church
Chancellor ~ Knox Theological Seminary
President ~ Evangelism Explosion International
President and Speaker ~ Coral Ridge Ministries Television & Radio – (10/4/02)

“I have already started reading Builder of the Spirit and it is a good one! God bless you for listening to the Holy Spirit that spoke to you and told you to write this book. I appreciate you making a favorable mention of Habitat for Humanity in your book. Thank you and God bless you for being a supporter of this ministry of hammering out God’s love. Thanks again for your outstanding book! May God continue to bless and guide you, your wife, Cindy and your daughters, Randie, Raine, and Katie.”

Millard Fuller
Founder and President
Habitat for Humanity International – (9/23/02)

“From beginning to end it’s obvious that Builder of the Spirit is a life-message of Greg’s. The work that God has done in him and through him comes through on every page. Greg’s candidness is refreshing and fills the reader with hope. The parallels to issues common to anyone who has owned or cared for a house makes the book an easy read. They also give perspective on God’s long-term desires for us in the midst of the short term joys, sorrows, triumphs, and trials. Greg’s enthusiasm to see God build Christ’s character in the lives of men and their families is infectious. I have no doubt that God will use this work in the lives of many, many people to draw them into more intimate fellowship with Him.”

Phil Stump
Orlando, FL
Youth Pastor – (2/13/02)

“Greg Allen has taken a fresh and unique approach in his book, Builder of the Spirit, by comparing his knowledge and experience as a builder to the work that God does in our lives. It makes for a good read!”

Charles E. Hackett
Executive Director
Assemblies of God Home Missions – (1/1/02)

“Thanks Greg.  I certainly believe that the Constitution was divinely inspired.  It was the first time many of the successful concepts from other civilizations were taken down in one document.  I hope what you write about is part of a national and sustained awakening.” 

Todd Rokita
Indiana Congressman – (9/15/17)