The Sum of Our Parts

Time is an important thing.  The years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds of our lives tick away without much thought, few seem to notice.  Take a moment or two and stare at a clock with a secondhand, then ponder the direction of life.  Is television or a video game really all that important?  How should I spend my time?  What's deemed most important?  I'm sure thinking of others would be a far less priority if we dwelt on it. While running a machine at work the other day, I became intrigued with watching the seconds elapse on a digital readout screen.  The computer was tracking the process of producing a part and the time it took to do so.  Then the comparison of how my life is ticking by without much thought began to stir me. ...

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The Nothingness of Having It All

I had a dream, and in that dream my wife and I were standing in the midst of a never-ending field.  As far as we could see were neatly cultivated rows of seedlings that had sprouted to a height of six or eight inches.  The plants looked to be spaced about six or eight feet apart.  The rows were also about 8 feet apart, and as my wife and I walked the rows they seemed endless.  They extended as far as one could see to the North, South, East and West.  After several paces I cried out, “What is all this?”  A voice from above then said, “These are the seeds you’ve planted in people.”  With that I fell to my knees.  My wife placed her hand on my shoulder and began to sob. When I told my wife of the dream the following day she had the same...

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Unleashing The Potential

Of those I spoke to after election night, I found very few who were willing to stay up and watch the final results of the presidential vote.  My wife and I felt the election was just too important, so we stayed up to the wee morning hours to learn what the final determination was. Donald Trump wasn’t declared the winner until around 3 AM. Americans turned out in droves to exercise their right to vote. In the end, all of the pollsters, and I do mean all of them, got it wrong.  Early on that night, many of the political pundits said Hillary Clinton had it in the bag - they, too, couldn’t have been more egregiously incorrect. One network had a panel of about fifteen experts who were supposedly in the know.  Several on that panel made no...

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A Liberty Scare

What’s your take on the 2016 Presidential Election?  Would you say it’s a joke?  Some may claim it’s nothing more than a PT Barnum three-ring-circus.  Then again, it could be considered the best mudslinging sideshow money could buy. It’s a given the vast majority of Americans don’t like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but that’s the dual choice we have. I’ve criticized both candidates in my column and have experienced the wrath of their supporters.  A close friend, or so I thought, is an avid Trump supporter who went as far as to say our friendship is over.   A Hillary supporter went as far as to write a full-page editorial in a newspaper my column runs in blasting my intellectual prowess, my integrity, my faith, and my general...

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When In Rome, Don’t Do What the Politicians Do

Some say the United States is no longer a superpower - such a distinction can only be defined by history, one’s perception, or a theoretical comparison thereof. There’s an old adage that says: “When in Rome, do what the Romans do.”  Well, there’s a widely held belief Rome fell in 476 A.D.  Some say since Rome still exists it never really fell.  A few prefer to say Rome adapted rather than fell - that’s no doubt a politically correct pry. The Roman Empire was a superpower at the time and failed, yet many in society today are staunch to say: “The United States is too big to fail.” I beg to differ; there are many similarities linking the fall of Rome to the path the United States is upon. Historians of ancient Rome have long been fascinated...

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Socialism Versus Capitalism, It’s A 2016 Referendum

I’ve heard many say the 2016 presidential election is the most important one they can recall in a lifetime.  Why are so many individuals saying that?  Without articulating it, I believe a score of people believe the very existence of the United States is at stake.  Many believe “The American Dream” is threatened.  Hundreds of elections have been held through the annals of time, so what makes this one so different?  Simply put, I believe 2016 will go down in history as a national referendum on socialism versus capitalism and many believe whoever the winner is the country will either wither or bloom once more. An estimated 100 million Americans watched the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Both candidates...

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Not-So-Typical Millennial(s)

I met Amber, 20, and Luke, 19, at a bookstore recently.  They’re from a small Hoosier town near the Ohio border and they were gracious enough to give me their take on a few questions I posed. Millennials seem to get a bad rap.  Although no two individuals are alike, the general consensus is Millennials are lazy, uninformed, and they think they’re entitled.  How do you debunk that stereotype? Amber ~ “I think it all starts at home.  My parents are my role models and they instilled in me morals and the value of hard work.  I’m constantly humbled by what I have been blessed with.  It’s a pretty embarrassing stereotype, but I do not feel I should be identified simply by the generation in which I was born, but rather by my actions and...

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An Exposé – Part Four: The Last Stand

My wife and I recently had the opportunity to tour a few Western states and it gave birth to a flood of stirring thoughts - it was perceptive insight that one can only reflect upon by being in the presence of such a great witness. On the last leg of our trip, we visited the site where General Custer and 210 of his men met their fate in 1876 near the Little Big Horn River in Montana. The government, led by Ulysses S Grant, believed the doctrine of “Manifest Destiny” was its inevitable right to expand to the Pacific Coast - America would exist “from sea to shining sea.” Native Americans were given one month’s notice to get on the reservation that winter or else be considered hostiles.  Some of the Indians thought they had a right to protect...

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An Exposé – Part Three: The Slums of Big Sky Country

My wife and I recently had the opportunity to tour a few Western states and it gave birth to a flood of stirring thoughts - it was perceptive insight that one can only reflect upon by being in the presence of such a great witness. During our trip we drove past the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation along I-90 in South Dakota, home to Oglala Lakota Native Americans since 1889.  Today it consists of 3,469 square miles of land, larger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined. As we drove past, I couldn’t help but notice the large trailer park that was on that reservation, hundreds and hundreds of older mobile homes that people were living in spaced only a few feet apart and many were in disrepair.  I thought those proud people are living in...

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 An Exposé – Part Two: Devils Tower & The Symmetry of Analogy

My wife and I recently had the opportunity to tour a few Western states and it gave birth to a flood of stirring thoughts - it was perceptive insight that one can only reflect upon by standing in the presence of such a great witness. During our trip we had the opportunity to visit Devils Tower near Sundance, Wyoming. I had seen Steven Spielberg’s 1977 movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” before which used the formation as the location for its climactic scenes and that aroused my intrigue. Richard Dreyfuss didn’t have a hard time ascending the structure in the movie.  In reality, you would have to be a rock climber to scale the 867’ sheer rock walls of Devils Tower, and many do each summer. Congress designated the area a U.S. Forest...

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