That Shell Game Government’s Playing With Green Energy

What is green energy?  It’s alternative energy or clean energy using technologies considered environmentally friendly like solar or wind.  Conversely, brown energy is considered unclean.  It refers to sources of energy that aren’t renewable and pollute like oil or coal. Last year my wife and I drove to her hometown to decorate the graves of her parents.  We were surprised to see hundreds of windmill turbines there, stretching for miles.  My first thought was: “How unsightly.”  At the cemetery I noticed one of the turbines was only a few yards away.  I couldn't get over how tall they were, over 250 feet, and loud!  The rotors are as wide as the turbine is tall and that constant swoosh, swoosh, swoosh sound made from the spinning blades was...

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A Definition Of  Socialism With A Sci-Fi Twist

Oh ... the dazzle of Science Fiction.  Who wouldn't wanna boldy go where no man has gone before. In the 1960’s, Sci-Fi was in its infancy when an ingenious fellow named Gene Roddenberry came along to give it a shove with the creation of Star Trek.  His vivid imagination was on display every week on our television sets. The writers of the series would often inject social commentary in the script in a subtle way - one need only scratch the surface to discover the hints. Were the writers of Star Trek painting a portrait of Socialism when they created “The Borg?” Only the writers themselves knew if there was meaning to it all, but the parallels are just too intriguing to ignore. What is socialism, exactly?  It's a system of social...

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Football Isn’t Just A Game For Some

Last week, the dawn of a new NFL season was ushered in.  But as the labor talks dragged on between the players and the owners all summer many thought all might be lost.  A few sports commentators even made some heinously ridiculous claims that the loss of an NFL season would severely harm America's economy.  And worst yet, they added, the forfeiture of so many games would have devastating effects on the mental health of the fans.  (What a frivolously trifle insistence that was) Well ... the season is indeed underway now, but for many in the Hoosier State they’re crying in their proverbial soup. It would appear Peyton Manning, the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, is lost for the season due to injury; although his doctors claim there...

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There Ought To Be Equality For The Vices

Some say he’s got a vice or she's got a vice.  Even some police departments in the larger metropolitan areas have a vice squad for handling such things.  And in a lot of places around the world vice is peddled, including the United States.  Las Vegas, for example, is the only state in the union that has legalized Prostitution.  What’s a vice anyway?  It can be defined as an immoral practice or depraved conduct.  It could also be a personal shortcoming, a fault, defect or flaw.  Or in most cases, it's simply a bad habit. Cigarette packs in America will have to display nine new warning labels that have macabre images on them like rotting teeth and gums, diseased lungs, a sewn-up corpse of a smoker, or smoke coming out of a tracheotomy hole...

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Life In Middle-of-the-Road America

It was President Eisenhower who began development of the Interstate Highway System.  When traveling on an Interstate there's no stop signs, higher speeds and it’s convenient.  However, there was a detrimental consequence that came with the completion of those byways. Before construction began on a national interstate system in the 50s travelers drove two lane roads.  I live on such a road.  It's a US Highway, one that stretches some 800 miles.  But in 1958 the construction of an interstate, running parallel to that road, began.  It was completed 16 years later and thus a consequence running contrary to convenience occurred. Roads like Route 66 were avenues of commerce, towns sprung up along them as did restaurants, motels and tourist...

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The Steppingstones Of Life Are A Laden Wonder

I was invited to a retirement party the other day, my Mother's.  She decided she'd had enough and hung it up after 31 years of working at the local hospital. The reception was in the hospital's cafeteria and lasted a little over 2 hours that day.  I sat and watched in amazement as coworkers and friends of hers, past and present, lavished her with cards, flowers and gifts.  I drove that day and when we got there several employees were already waiting.  To my astonishment the line of well-wishers never ceased the entire time.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, gave my mother a hug that day.  There were even a few tears shed, including my own, for I had no idea what an impact my Mom had made on so many lives. I didn't say much that day; I was...

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What’s Memorial Day Meant For You

To be frank, I never used to give Memorial Day much thought.  Like many, I thought it meant a paid day off, burgers on the grill, a parade, or maybe something like the trifecta of motorsports for a day - the Grand Prix of Monaco in the morning, the Indy 500 at noon, and the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 at night.  (My thoughts had no doubt been flawed, for its none of the above) The day in reality should typify gratitude and tribute in the form of honor, respect and admiration for courage, and praise for all who have protected us. My wife and I rose early Memorial Day to pick up my Mom for a visit to the graveyard.  We’ve been decorating the graves of our relatives on that particular day for some time now.  They rest in a small country cemetery a...

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Why Fans Are Heading For The Exits

I can't help but notice a few striking similarities between us and the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. The Romans cherished entertainment and so do we.  They had their coliseum - we've built hoards of them.  Their fans left for the exits long ago and that monumental feat of theirs lays in decay.  It's not an unreasonable thought to see our society taking a similar path. The other day, a gal I admire said: “Greg, you’ve got the guts to write about stuff other people only think about, but never say.”  Well … I've never been one to shy away from controversy. With the NFL lockout going on, and the NBA may soon follow suit, I see a growing unrest in many fans.  With the economy the way it is, record high gas prices, soaring food costs, the...

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The Unsinkable Sarah Palin

America's the Titanic, sailing off into oblivion.  She can’t be sunk, some claim. The captain is a suit and tie type guy, an Ivy League grad - He typifies what the first-class perceive as what a leader should be, yet it’s an aged rusting relic of perception. A few see that iceberg approaching on the horizon.  They're mostly considered second-class, but they've paid their way and have a right to be aboard the Great Fair Lady. Others just want to guzzle martinis on the promenade deck, impervious to the approaching peril.  As the band plays on, they tip their glasses to each other and make merry as delusions of Love Boat folly dance about in their convoluted thoughts. Some of the passengers have begun yelling, “Give us Molly Brown!”  She's...

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Angels Are In Our Midst

Have you ever tried to rationalize the unexplainable? In 2000, we were traveling to Indianapolis on Interstate 74 when I caught sight of a terrible accident.  The crash just happened, and I pulled to the side to park our vehicle.  I told my wife and kids to stay put.  I said, “I gotta help!” I've seen death before but didn’t want them to experience it. It was a horrible accident.  8 to 10 vehicles were involved.  Debris was scattered all over the road and people were running about in panic.  The one thing that bothered me the most was people were driving through the median and around the accident.  They didn't care to help; they just didn't want to be caught in traffic.  Dozens of cars and an eighteen-wheeler did that. I felt led to walk...

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