Builder of the Spirit is privileged to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world!

The ministry has a real heart, a love, for the lost and less fortunate. Many around the globe can’t afford something so basic as a book, for they have nothing. They need our help, but it can’t happen without you!

So please … donate that we may send a Blessing and the Word to others. If you can’t contribute by monetary means, send us those gently-used Christian books, Bibles that aren’t in use. Groups, individuals, and churches are always encouraged to partner with us. (For as little as a dollar a month) There will always be a need … please … send that contribution today!

All Contributions to the ministry are indeed tax-deductible.
Thank you ~ from the staff of Builder of the Spirit.

Cash, checks or money orders can be sent to:

Builder of the Spirit
10465 West US 136
Jamestown, IN. 46147 (USA)