Not long ago, I had a lengthy conversation with a state trooper.  He was eating lunch with my wife and I and he had some interesting things to say.

In spite of my clever efforts to reveal his name he chose not to divulge it, nor did he want to go on the record or be quoted – He jokingly reiterated that several times.

For some time, I’ve been longing to write about the lack of respect plaguing our nation and the good trooper was an inspirational springboard.

The 34-year-old trooper, an 11-year veteran, said he’s seen a shift in our culture during his career.  He said respect in society has dwindled dramatically.

At a death scene, the trooper said traffic was blocked and body bags were used to cover the dead lying on the road.  Much to his astonishment people were getting out of their cars, glancing down at the body bags with little regard or emotion, to say: “I’m in a hurry and I got things to do.”

A lack of respect not only rears its ugly head towards policeman, firemen, the troops, clergy, the Constitution, or conservatism, it’s spreading like a disease throughout the land.

Everything that’s honest and decent seems to be ridiculed.  Having a high moral standard seems ludicrous in the eyes of many.  The Constitution is some old dusty parchment and a socialistic society where anything goes seems to be the allure anymore.

How do we stem the tide, you may ask?

Many see government as their Savior, their supply, their all in all, their freedom from the drudgery of life’s mundane responsibilities.  The answer doesn’t lay in Washington D.C.  The cure manifests itself in self-determination, moral rendering, the sense of freedom, self-liberty, that no politician or government can bestow.

Moral fiber, integrity, honesty, and steadfastness seems to be outdated tendencies nowadays for the Obama administration fabricated a story instead of telling the truth about four American citizens who were murdered in a coordinated attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

The reason the administration found it necessary to lie to the American people was no doubt because at the time of the attack the national presidential election was less than two months away and they didn’t want to risk losing the election.

What good does it do to gain the world, yet lose a soul?

I’m not immune from the barbs of disintegrating respect when it comes to this column either.  Twice a month, when the column runs in newspapers and magazines around the nation, I receive my share of hate mail from individuals.

What’s astounding to me is someone who’s never met me could be so visceral in the hate they parade across the page.  It doesn’t matter that they’ve never met me.  Their opposing views are a chip on their shoulder that promotes a lack of respect to be hoisted up the flagpole as a standard to wave.

The Koch brothers, conservative billionaires, who see a disintegration of America, have used their money to try and change the landscape of despair.  When it was rumored they were trying to buy six of the largest newspapers in America, including the L.A. Times and Chicago Tribune, there were union protests and demonstrations at the very possibility of that transaction.  Many of the newspaper employees stated they’ll quit if the Koch brothers bought their paper.

Why is there so much discourse in America?

Why is there such intolerance for conservative values?

Why is there rabid disrespect dwelling in the land?

It’s being taught through the White House, the classroom, on the college campus, in the workplace, and through the media ports we view.

To say one can never change society is a misconception.  To throw your hands in the air and retreat is a symptom of the growing problem.

Parents, teach your children that moral fiber, decency, honesty, and respectability are noble traits that need not be shied away from – take a hands-on approach in your rearing tendencies – be astute about what teachers are filling their minds with.

Are they being taught time-tested distinctions, or indoctrinated with a foreign ideology you’re unaware of?

Being influential to those around you isn’t a noncontact sport, it’s an in the trench affair.

Greg Allen’s column, Thinkin’ Out Loud, was published bi-monthly from 2009 to 2017.  He’s an author, a former nationally syndicated columnist and the founder of Builder of the Spirit Ministries in Jamestown, Indiana.  He can be reached at

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