The President’s an elegant speaker some say, but many see animosity flowing through his veins.  Animosity being defined as: “A feeling of ill will that tends to display itself in actions.”  Read that definition again and look past the color of Barack Obama’s skin, the political plaque he wears, or the title he bears, and analyze the mannerisms on display of America’s leader.

I’m a study of human nature, body language, thought and speech.  I don’t claim to be a psychologist by any means, but I do have an uncanny ability to size someone up in short order and am usually spot on.

Politics in America is no longer one of sportsmanship in the arena of ideas; it’s become a blood sport, a cage match with no holds barred and rules don’t apply.

So why are tea partiers called kooks or Christians ridiculed for what they believe?

A congressman from Florida said tea party Republicans are like the KKK and his campaign sent out emails of a burning cross with the words “Tea Party” splashed upon the burning symbol.  Why?

It’s because animosity flows through his veins as well.  It’s human nature to be defensive when confronted with something.  We have a choice to be humble and admit our mistake or we can be defensive and deflect all wrongdoing off of us onto something else or lie.  It’s called “deflection” and politicians use it all the time.

It’s unconscionable to think Hitler could convince so many people that the Jews were an inferior race and should be extinguished, but he did.  He used deflection as a means to divert the light of truth away from his motives to conjure a lie and kept reiterating it till many believed.

Human nature hasn’t changed, and deflection is still being used today.

The Democratic Party has a motive as do Republicans.  Those who live in Washington D.C. live a different lifestyle than most in America. The money flows from the pockets of hard-working Americans to bureaucrats and politicians who don’t.  It would be a hard sell to say our leaders in DC are smarter than us and deserve all those perks that normal people may never get.

In the end, both Democrats and Republicans like the system just the way it is.  They don’t want to change the system because they’re spending money that’s not theirs.  They have access to money they could never have access to otherwise.  Some might say it’s comparable to lifestyles of Kings, and that’s not far-fetched.  Many feel there’s no distinction between the two, so why would a Democrat or Republican want to change the system?

If you take prayer out of schools, represent immoral behavior as normal, or remove God from everything sooner or later people will believe such symbols of morality are irrelevant and those behind such actions have won a destructive victory they relish.

So … when a politician starts belittling their fellow citizens, Christians, Tea Partiers, or the like, they’re using deflection to mask animosity flowing through their veins.

Distribute this piece to everyone you know who wonders why we’re here.  When someone bashes their fellow citizens there’s something wrong with that.  Watch and listen to those who use such deflection to spout villainous slander towards fellow human beings they disagree with.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve voted a certain way your entire life.  What matters is the belief or feelings of those who represent us in government.  Some politicians will say what they believe, and they may be ridiculed for it.  Others can’t possibly say what they truly believe because they won’t win elections, so they resort to the art of deflection to spread lies or distortion of the facts to gain what they seek.

My advice would be to look past the rhetoric and not fall for every tidbit dangled before us by politicians.  When Democrats bash those with opposing views there’s something wrong with the political process, and when Republicans lambaste members of their own party for having opposing views there’s something wrong with that as well.

Remember this, there’s no action taken by someone without some type of forethought.  There’s nothing solely reactionary without a hint of cranial stimulus.

When you vote, consider the choices before you.  Look past name recognition, the political affiliation, or their appearance, for one must gaze upon the very soul of those seeking to lead.

Greg Allen’s column, Thinkin’ Out Loud, was published bi-monthly from 2009 to 2017.  He’s an author, a former nationally syndicated columnist and the founder of Builder of the Spirit Ministries in Jamestown, Indiana.  He can be reached at

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