Has there ever been common ground among opposing factions?  Maybe, but it’s seldom, for light cannot dwell with darkness nor can oil cohere with water.

Nowadays, there’s a war raging for the realm of ideas, tradition, and beliefs.  For many, there’s no tolerance for such things anymore.

It’s human nature to want to live by definition.  We’re defined by this or that and labeled.  We’re born naked, yet undefined.  We’re taught our thoughts, instructed by an outside world.  No one’s born a liberal or conservative, a decent human being or monster, a Genghis Khan, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, or a Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, a conformist or subverter.

Those who claim to be indifferent, a nonparticipant in the process, fail to understand that every human on Earth is governed by someone or something.  Freedom is at the pinnacle of the spirit’s reach, yet oftentimes it’s difficult to attain.

We often label people Conservatives or Liberals, but what does that mean?

Daniel Webster defined the term “Liberal” to be someone having views or policies advocating individual freedom of action or expression, be it also in the form of representational government rather than aristocracies or monarchies.  A” Liberal” is a person who is free from prejudice or bigotry, one who’s tolerant, or open-minded, characterized by generosity and not strict or rigorous.

As are most things in society today the term’s been subverted, lost its meaning, the polar opposite for many claiming such credence.

A better description of today’s striking Liberal, according to Mr.Webster, would be “Totalitarian.”  A totalitarian believes in a centralized government and won’t tolerate differing opinions in exercising dictatorial control over many aspects of life.  They partake in the exercise of control over freedom, the will, or thoughts of others.

“Conservatives,” on the other hand, are disposed with preserving existing conditions and situations, in restoring traditional ones, and limiting change.  They’re traditional in style or matter, avoiding novelty or showiness.

It’s been said “One can’t serve two masters.”  It’s always been our choice to take the lead or follow.  The struggle of the mind dates back to the dawn of time when Eve was coerced by deception.  She believed a clever fabrication and consequences ensued.

One could say the birth of totalitarianism was reflected in her son.  Cain, Adam and Eve’s first, a farmer, had a thirst for recognition.  Abel, his younger sibling, was a rancher who no doubt practiced conservatism.

Abel had favor, Cain didn’t, and it drove Cain over the edge.  He couldn’t stand being left out of the limelight, so he extinguished the competition, murdering his brother.

After Cain’s heinous deed he was asked to give an account for his actions and his callous reaction was: “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Deception has been around since the dawn of time.  When you deceive with practice you get quite good at it.  In the political scheme of things, lying seems to be a means of its own and the “gray” is acceptable.  One need only conceive of the term “bait and switch” to understand the tactics Liberals use and the present definition they represent.  Nothing’s what it appears to be with most Liberals, and they’ve mastered the art of manipulation.  They seek out the flaws in human nature and scheme with cleverness for gain.

A sense of belonging is innate in us all.  Minorities refer to their own as “Brothers and Sisters,” as do Christians, and those pushing labor unions.  That sense of belonging can be exploited and often is by Liberals, who are often thirsting for domination of the masses.

It’s always up to us, to question or trust, to lead, follow, or ignore, yet few take the time to examine the actions of individuals with the magnifying staple of truth.

Liberals are typically bullies – they’re everywhere.  They sprout up on the playground, in the classroom, at work, in society, and in politics. Bullies are just that, the standard doesn’t apply nor fit them.   They’re all about intimidation, the belittlement of others, and the destruction of any opposing foe.

I once saw two teenage boys wound a small child with a pellet gun as she innocently rode her bike.  I had a choice, as most do, to stand up to the onslaught or be meek and just fade away.

I broke their gun over a tree and the antagonists screamed: “My Dad’s gonna kick your ***!”  My reply was: “Get him.”  In the end, both boys were punished severely, and the little girl’s mom thanked me for the intervention.

Greg Allen’s column, Thinkin’ Out Loud, was published bi-monthly from 2009 to 2017.  He’s an author, a former nationally syndicated columnist and the founder of Builder of the Spirit Ministries in Jamestown, Indiana.  He can be reached at www.builderofthespirit.org.

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