Ask yourself what Barack Obama has accomplished in eight years?  Would Obamacare come to mind?  Is it a divided country?  How about an economy that needs an IV?  Then there’s the thought of a weakened military of course.  Our enemies love us, and our allies can’t understand why.

A majority of voters in November came to the conclusion America needs a New Year’s Resolution come January 20th.

But what will Barack Obama’s legacy be?  It’s a given he will be the first African American president we’ve had, but will he also go down in history as the worst executive the United States ever let occupy the Oval Office?

In 8 years, Barak Obama has obliterated the Democrat Party in record fashion.  In 2009, Democrats held 60 seats in the US Senate – 59 Democrats to 41 Republicans.  Democrats also held 235 seats in the US House of Representatives.

Eight years later, under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama, the Democratic Party has been decimated.  Democrats are now down to 48 senators, a minority, and they are down to 192 members of Congress, and they have lost the White House as well.

Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016.  Republicans won the US Senate as well and now control it 52 to 48 – it takes 51 to win the majority.  Republicans also won the US House of Representatives by a 239 to 192 margin.

Under President Obama, Democrats have lost over 900 state legislature seats, 12 governorships, 69 House seats and 13 Senate seats. After eight years of Barack Obama in the White House the map of the United States has turned red in favor of the Republican party.

I’ve been saying, for a while, the Democrat party has been infected with an ideology foreign to American values and it will curse them.

Most presidents go quietly into the night when their terms are over.  Ronald Reagan retired to his ranch in California and George W. to his in Texas when their reign was through.  Jimmy Carter enjoyed sunsets on the family peanut farm in Georgia once his job was done, but Barack Obama has far different plans.

There have been swirling rumors that Barak Obama plans on operating a shadow government, funded by George Soros, after Donald Trump takes the reins – sounds creepy, doesn’t it?

Soros is a well-known supporter of American progressive and liberal political causes.  He’s known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” because of his short sale of $10 billion worth of British Pounds, making him a profit of $1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday UK currency crisis.  Soros is one of the 30 richest people in the world.

When President Obama finally leaves the White House, he won’t have to go very far; it’ll be about three miles or so.  The Obamas are moving into a 9 bedroom, 8 1/2 bath, 5.3-million-dollar mansion in the Kalorama section of Washington – it’s the neighborhood of diplomats.  The home features plenty for the Obamas to brag about.  It has a gourmet kitchen featuring a six-burner stove, but just in case the Obamas have grown accustomed to having help around the house there’s a butler’s pantry as well.

Yet, the Obamas have apparently been buying real estate elsewhere, too.

In addition to the mansion in D.C., the Obamas have purchased a 4 1/4-million-dollar home in Rancho Mirage, California – a community known for its world-class golf courses.  That will come in handy for the Golfer-in-Chief who has spent 270 days of his presidency on the links.

The Obamas have also purchased a vacation home in Hawaii for $8.7 million.  Some speculate it’s the famous Robin Masters Estate from the 1980’s hit show Magnum P.I.

That’s three homes on three different coasts Barak Obama has, and all on a salary of $400,000 a year during 8 years in office.  Yet, he leaves behind a record 20 trillion dollars in National Debt.

The lofty, yet introspectively selfish, goal of enriching himself sure seems to be what Barak Obama was talking about in 2008 when he claimed “Hope & Change” was on the way.

Greg Allen’s column, Thinkin’ Out Loud, was published bi-monthly from 2009 to 2017.  He’s an author, a former nationally syndicated columnist and the founder of Builder of the Spirit Ministries in Jamestown, Indiana.  He can be reached at

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